Stylist in Houston was able to braid her hair in a problem area that couldn't grow long hair. Q. Hair Regrowth Spray worked for her.

Pastor Vanessa saw amazing results after 2 months. Her edges grew back and her hair got longer.

After 1 Month


Salon stylist Mrs. Walker in Port Arthur, TX saw amazing results with her length and fullness in ONE MONTH!!! She now retails Q. Hair Regrowth Spray to her customers.


Q. Hair regrowth Spray Grew my edges back! This stuff works!

Here is proof that 

Q. Hair Regrowth Spray 





 I purchased Q. Hair regrowth spray from  my nail tech. I was so pleased when I noticed my hair began to grow back in a matter of days. thank you Dr. Levy!

 I met dr. levy barnes and he told me about q. hair regrowth spray.  I jumped at the opportunity and I am glad that I did. I haven't had to go to the barber so often in my life because now my hair is growing long and healthy. I AM GLAD Q. HAIR REGROWTH SPRAY GREW MY HAIR BACK.

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After I created this product I saw results in 30 days. I now have long hair and besides god, I have q. hair regrowth spray to thank for it. I am the originator and the number one customer. I believe in my product.

Dr. Levy Barnes Jr.

after 5 days

I am a hair stylist.  i knew dr. levy before he was dr. levy. I first knew him as a musician. when I ran into him and he told me about the product, I thought to myself that it was nothing worth while. well I still purchased some to support him. he would come to my salon to see if I was using it so I made sure I used it just to patronize him. after 3 weeks of using it faithfully I noticed that my bald spot wasn't there anymore. I started telling my customers about it and now I sell it in my salon. q. hair regrowth spray works!

dr. levy came to teach at my barber school. I purchased a bottle from him 5 days before he came and was using it twice a day. by the time he came and taught at my school, my hair had grown back in. I was so amazed. when I open my own shop, I will make sure I sell q. hair regrowth spray to my customers.


I am a contractor and I work in ministry. dr. levy provided a bottle of q. hair regrowth spray for me and my wife monitored my hair growth. It took me a little while but my bald spot filled in. Q. hair regrowth spray works to grow hair back. thank you dr. levy

 I purchased q. hair regrowth spray from my hair stylist after she recommended it for me.. I was scared at first to try a new product but I am glad that I did. not only did my bald spot fill in, but my hair is growing long and healthy.  Q. hair regrowth spray is a miracle!

I only used q. hair regrowth spray once. when I noticed results. before my stylist closed my weave cap in she sprayed q. hair regrowth spray in my bald spot. I came back the next month to get the weave taken out, and there was hair growing in the spot that had been bald for a while where she sprayed.  so you better believe that I purchased my own bottle of q. hair regrowth spray. yes it works!

I am a barber and a business man. dr. levy came to my shop to show us his discovery. then he pointed out my bald spot. I didn't even realize how big my bald spot had gotten. I thought q. hair regrowth spray was too good to be true. I still tried it. after 10 days my bald spot filled in with my own hair. I was so amazed that I purchased a case for my customers. now i retail this in my shop and not only am I able to  help my balding customers but it also makes me extra money. it sells quicker than the sodas I sell to my customers. q. hair spray is working for me and my customers.

I am a barber and stylist. dr. levy came to my shop to introduce q. hair regrowth spray to me so that I could provide it to my customers. I decided to just give it a try.  after a couple of weeks my wife and I noticed a tremendous change in my hair. my hair was growing quicker and fuller. I then began to make this product available to  my customers and I see results in them as well. q. hair regrowth spray works not only to fill in thin spots, but to grow hair fast.

I am a stylist. Dr. Levy barnes came to my salon to introduce this product to me.  I was skeptical because there are many products that promise to grow hair. I purchased some. for my salon  to retail after seeing my results in 3 weeks. I see results like mine in every person who uses it. yes q. hair regrowth spray works!

 I purchased this product from my barber. I  never imagined I would see such quick results from a natural product.  after seeing such wonderful results I became a distributor. I believe in this product. q. hair regrowth spray worked for me.

after having my child, I began to lose my hair especially around the edges. dr. levy explained to me what was happening to my body. I decided to give q. hair regrowth spray a try. after only 2 weeks my hair grew back and I was so happy. q. hair regrowth spray worked for me and I believe it will work for you.



Stylist in Uptown Salons in Houston, TX got a lot of new growth. She had to re color her hair because of the new length.

After almost a month

Q. Hair Regrowth Spray

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